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xis.ai provides no code, an end-to-end platform for AI visual quality inspection. A robust Vision AI platform enabling companies to navigate the entire AI life cycle effortlessly. With our solution, businesses can swiftly develop and customize AI solutions independently, establishing a secure foundation that minimizes risks and optimizes costs while driving revenue growth. Includes AI assistive labeling and active learning algorithms for fast and efficient process.

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How it Works

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Step 1

Train AI

After labeling, start training of AI model with a click of a button.

Step 3


Export trained AI models directly to xis rt and start inspecting.

Capture & Label Images

Define dataset, import images and start labeling with AI-assisted labeling.

Step 2


Evaluate results of trained AI model after training.

Step 4

Start Inspecting with 99% Accuracy


Train the AI based on the dataset you Provided.

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AI-Assisted Labeling

Fast AI-assisted labeling streamlines the annotation process, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to swiftly and accurately label images.

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Plug & Play

Enables easy "Plug n Play" integration for a hassle-free setup. Effortless deployment with a user-friendly interface.

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No Expertise Required

User-friendly design, no technical expertise needed. Intuitive interface for easy deployment of tailored solutions.

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Edge Device Compatible

Utilizing edge computing, data is processed locally near its generation point, reducing latency, improving efficiency, and enhancing overall system performance.

Collaborative Platform img

Collaborative Platform

A robust collaborative system that enables multiple team members to work together seamlessly on labeling and training workloads for computer vision models used in quality inspection. This collaborative feature is designed to enhance productivity, improve accuracy, and ensure efficient workflow management.

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Fully Customizable

Powerful customization capabilities, allowing you to tailor the labeling and training process to fit your specific use case or application. This flexibility ensures that the software adapts to your unique requirements, providing a bespoke solution that maximizes efficiency and accuracy in training computer vision models for quality inspection.

Industry Solutions

Xis.ai Suite provides powerful software infrastructure to deliver all your AI vision applications with one solution.

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