Unlock the Power of AI Vision in Manufacturing

xis.ai's cutting-edge Computer Vision AI platform revolutionizes the way you develop and deploy AI solutions. From ideation to production, our seamless platform streamlines every step of the AI lifecycle, empowering you to bring your vision to life with unparalleled efficiency.

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xis dev is a no-code platform that encompasses the complete pipeline of computer vision. Specially designed for non-technical or non-developers to develop computer vision models for various applications without any knowledge of coding. xis dev lets users to label images, train a computer vision model, and test it in a matter of minutes. with AI-assisted labeling, images are prepared for training very quickly as compared to traditional labeling setup

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AI assisted labeling

AI model performance analytics

Testing and evaluation of trained model

Training for anomaly detection without labeled data

Export formats for different architectures

Training for object detection and image segmentation


Xis Runtime stands as a versatile platform designed specifically for the deployment of computer vision models. Engineered with a lightweight architecture, it offers the advantage of efficient resource utilization, making it suitable for deployment across a spectrum of hardware configurations.Xis Runtime serves as an indispensable tool for accelerating the deployment of computer vision models within quality inspection workflows, offering unparalleled adaptability and performance to meet the evolving demands of modern manufacturing and production environments


Customizable according to application

Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Lightweight Runtime platform

Create & Manage Multiple Quality Inspection Workflows

Get Actionable Signals to PLCs/MES System

Integration with any Industrial Camera/Microscope/Thermal Camera/X-ray Tube



Edge AI

Edge AI refers to the deployment of artificial intelligence algorithms directly on edge devices, such as cameras or sensors, rather than relying on a centralized server or cloud-based processing. By leveraging edge AI, XIS Suite could perform real-time analysis and decision-making directly on the visual sensor data, leading to faster response times, reduced bandwidth requirements, and enhanced privacy and security by processing data locally.

Visual Sensors

XIS Suite is a comprehensive software suite designed to support various visual sensors, including industrial cameras for high-speed solutions, microscopes for detecting minor and small defects, thermal cameras, and X-ray tubes. This versatility likely allows users to integrate different types of visual sensors into their systems and analyze the data they generate within a unified software environment. This capability can be particularly beneficial for industries such as manufacturing, quality control, and research where multiple types of visual inspection tools are used to ensure product quality and safety.

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